Dreams Do Come True

Since 2008, SuperDan worked with various companies as an employee and a contractor in the role of a sales representative to pay for his schooling. He continued expanding his knowledge every moment of every day in every business he was in. He studied everything from Accounting to Financial Analysis to LEAN to Six Sigma to Project Management to Information Systems and so forth. He completed various educational programs, degrees and professional designation programs, but could never stop his thirst for understanding the exchange of value between individuals. He wanted to uncover the secrets of the Midas touch. Why does one give another something in exchange for something else? What is value? He thought if one is able to master this understanding then he can understand how to give something and get what he wants in return. A mysterious behavior that occurs countless times across the world without anyone giving it a second thought, yet without it the world would cease to exist. Value Exchange!


He was eager to learn, never scared and ready to make mistakes. He was calculated, meticulous but a risk taker when the opportunity for success was within reach. He knew he had everything to gain, nothing to lose and sacrificed all that he had to achieve whatever success he was aligning himself with. “I came from nothing and I will take nothing with me, ashes to ashes, dust to dust so I might as well do everything I can to succeed at every opportunity in front of me as I know it will all be over in time so let’s make the best of every moment of every day”.

At Oracle, he encountered some interesting challenges that were laid out before him spanning the organization. His achievements, personality and character earned him the respect of some of the founding members. SuperDan thought it was time to settle down and make this a home. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to be shot into an adventure of a lifetime.

Shortly after, SuperDan and his Super Sales Team were propelled across the global business landscape helping business organizations exchange value in the constantly evolving best practices of markets worldwide. Be it financial instruments, technology, cleaning services or anything else you can imagine – Super Sales Guys and Gals not only help identify who needs what across the globe, how to educate them on the value your business brings, but also connect the buyers and sellers in the most efficient, effective and profitable manner on a global executive scale.

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