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We’re fortunate to work with some of the best clients around, and would love for you to become a partner. Our team includes experts from many fields who are ready to help develop and grow your business. From ideation to execution, we have vast experience throughout. Check out our client list below and get in touch with questions.


Reference Client: www.entopsis.com –CEO: Dr. Obdulio Piloto – https://www.breakoutlabs.org

Peter Thiel - Breakout Labs

New Healthcare Solutions

We spoke briefly – we knew they were the future – not only are they addressing the current Opiod Crisis with the ONLY solution of its kind but they are working on technology to diagnose diseases using 1 instrument! We successfully identified the entry point for their target market – the rest is in the works as decision makers across the USA Healthcare industry try to comprehend how to integrate the solutions for tomorrow – today! We are proud to have them as our partner and look forward to their success.


Multiple Top 5000 USA Inc Fastest Growing Companies

New Technology Companies

We saw them grow – we saw them grow FAST! They needed an executive sales force that could not just talk the talk but think and act BIG! We are working on deal sizes ranging from 50K to +500K in recurring revenues! We are proud to be their partner and see their success multiply.


Reference Client: www.enterprisestressmanagement.com – CEO: Dr. Katherine Plewa and Team Partnered with IBM by SuperDan (Taking the picture )

Innovators & Start-Ups

Firms Growing Market Share

They came to us with a new technology, new processes, new solutions that are better than that of the competition but it is not easy to turn innovation into market share dominance especially when there are established multi-billion dollar competitors. We are the tip of their spear with NO FEAR! We are cutting through billion dollar market share before anyone even realizes who they are and by then it will be too late. Check and mate!

Multiple Deloitte Technology Fast 500

Fastest Growing Technology Firms

We work with various companies that came to be on the Deloitte Technology 500 as well as continue in their race to this day. We understand the market must be captured quickly and effectively with key decision makers educated on value propositions of any new entrant to the market and we are proud of having been part of those plans.


Reference Client: www.beneluxtekGroupinc.com – CEO: Hamza Chaudhry & SuperDan at NEW AEROSPACE CLIENT WE GENERATED TOGETHER!

Industrial, Office, Manufacturing, Chemical, etc.

Digitally Transforming Industries

Whomever says certain industries never change has never worked with this group that has been around for over 100 years. The group owns multiple lines of business leveraging 3 generations of know-how as well  new technology to transform processes that have not changed for centuries. We are absolutely proud for the big successes we are achieving with them by connecting this company with Fortune level companies that are leveraging their evolving value as market leaders.


Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Managed IT Services, System Integrators, etc.

Current Business Technology

We work with various companies across the Top 3 software companies in the world be it integration partners, managed service providers or software development firms. We help them provide the right value for the right project at the right time! Be it CRM or ERP or Database or Cloud solutions we know the value proposition of each, how to demo and were trained by Microsoft and Oracle Senior Executives and Partners.

Independent Fortune Level Sales Professionals Partnering With Organizations To Help Achieve Hyper Growth

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