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Super Dan

Founder & Leader

Super Dan is a great sales professional. He focuses on leading the Super Sales Reps in his free time and during day time can be found leaping over tall blockers on his way to the decision makers to make a deal! He learned from the best before they left the sales industry after having been in sales for over 50 years! 

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Super Mike

Managing Partner - Francophones

Super Mike is a Sales Professional who is able to match his sense of humor to his performance and delivery – in French! Super Mike not only leads but is able to teach others both in English and in French!

Super Rebecca

Managing Partner - Anglophones

Super Rebecca is a great Sales Professional. She is a smart, witty, understanding and able to stand her ground in any challenge type of Sales Professional. She provides facts and speaks from experience. She comes from a family of sales professionals in various industries across a long heritage spanning the globe.

Super Elizabeth

Managing Partner - Anglophones

Super Elizabeth has been in sales for over a decade growing companies from start-up to established business with her ability to understand value propositions, beat through the non-sense and connect with decision makers based on data driven value.

Super Lydia

VIP Partner

Super Lydia has built, builds and lead digital transformations as well as software solutions across Fortune level Organization Worldwide. Her handling of multi-million dollar projects spanning the global management consulting along with her network is impeccable.

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